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Download Lalon Band – Pagol

Monday, June 25th, 2012 Download Lalon Band - Pagol Browse to: Bangla Song » Download » L » Lalon Band » Pagol Track List: 01. Lalon Band – Dhor Chor 02. Lalon Band – Pagol 03. Lalon Band – Helay Helay 04. Lalon Band – Manib Somaj 05. Lalon Band – Ami Gan Gaite Pari Nah 06. Lalon Band – Anondoer Bazar 07. Lalon Band – Boshonto Batash 08. Lalon Band – Allah Bol (read more)

Download Fuad ft. Mala

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 Download Fuad feat. Mala Browse to: Bangla Song » Download » M » Mala » Fuad ft. Mala Track List: 01. Mala ft. Fuad - Jaa Pakhi 02. Mala ft. Fuad - Topto Moru 03. Mala ft. Fuad - Bhalobashai Bhul 04. Mala ft. Fuad - Haat Ja 05. Mala ft. Fuad - Boshonto 06. Mala ft. Fuad - Dhol Baje 07. Mala ft. Fuad - Mon Vore Dau 08. Mala ft. Fuad - Rupali Raate (read more)

Download Bappa Mazumder ft. Topa

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 Download Bappa Mazumder ft. Topa Browse to: Bangla Song » Download » T » Topa » Bappa Mazumder ft. Topa Track List: 01. Topa - Tumi Dure Koto 02. Topa - Jiboner Kolahol 03. Topa - Amar Akash Tomar Tore 04. Topa - Valobashar Rong 05. Topa - Vule Jete Giye 06. Topa - Ek Mutho Megh 07. Topa - Kono Ek Boshonto 08. Topa - Tomar Nilei 09. Topa - Amar Akash Tomar Tore (Remixed) 10. Topa - Nishshash r Kobita 11. Topa - Amar Sobujera (read more)

‘Baul Samrat’ Shah Abdul Karim dies

Saturday, September 12th, 2009 'Baul Samrat' Shah Abdul Karim died of old-age complications on Saturday at the age of 93. Dr Sujan Bose of Noor Jahan Poly Clinic in Sylhet city said the legendary poet and singer, with over a thousands folk songs to his name, died at 7:58am. Karim's only son Shah Noor Jalal told at 9:30pm on Friday that his father had been on life support since noon after his health worsened in the morning. Karim was admitted to the clinic on Sept 3. "He has been suffering from respiratory problems, lung infection and other old-age diseases," his doctor Faisal Ahmed said to Karim, lyricist ... (read more)

Mixed Album Ektaare Ami + Tumi

Sunday, March 30th, 2008 Mixed album Ektaare Ami + Tumi released. Artists: Leemon. Moon. Abir. Krishnakoli. Pantha Kanai. Chandan Khoshru. Mamun. Funky Alamin Track List 01. Leemon - Onno Rokom 02. Moon - Toh-Toh-Tomai Bhalobashi 03. Abir - Janala 04. Krishnokoli - Bhashchi Aha 05. Pantha Kanai - Boshonto Ashle 06. Canadian Khosru - Toar Phremot 07. Mamun - Megher Pore Megh 08. Funky Alamin - Bhorer Pakhi 09. Leemon - Bondhu'r Mon (read more)