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Friday, April 15th, 2011 With mobile, you can now play and download bangla songs directly on your mobile phone. Browse through our music library with the new mobile optimized interface. Point your mobile browser to The interface should be compatible with any basic mobile phone that can browse basic web pages like facebook mobile. However note that the on-site music player (which allows you to play a song right on our site without downloading it) requires flash support on browser. (read more)

Follow Bangla Music on Twitter

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 Twitterer? You can now find the latest on Bangla Music right on twitter! Along with our latest downloads and latest bangla music news, we will also be posting random songs from time to time. If you are on twitter, follow us @BanglaSong and stay tuned with Bangla Music. Follow us on twitter: (read more)

Ornob Doob Download. Download Ornob’s new album Doob

Monday, April 21st, 2008 Download Ornob's (Arnob) 3rd album Doob. Browse to: Music > O > Ornob > Doob (direct link) Track list: 1. Onek Dur 2. Shopno dekhe doob 3. Adkhana 4. Ghor bahir 5. Lukiye 6. Dhaka Rate 7. Akash kalo 8. Dikbidik 9. Tati 10. Chai 11. Ghum 12. Rastai 13. Dhushor megh 14. Noyon tomare Facebook users can also download the songs with our Facebook Bangla Music App. (read more)

Bangla Music Facebook App

Saturday, April 19th, 2008 For all the facebook users around we have released Bangla Music Facebook App. At present the app gives you the following features: - Bangla Music Player Add a bangla music player on your profile. Let your friends listen to your favorite songs. - Download Bangla Music You can now download our regularly updated massive collection of bangla songs right from facebook. Downloads are provided from our dedicated download server over 100mbps port. Resume downloads are fully supported. - Dedicate Bangla Songs Send song dedication to your friends. (no sms required ;) lol) Your friends will be able to download the songs, listen online or even add ... (read more)

‘Baul Samrat’ Shah Abdul Karim dies

Saturday, September 12th, 2009 'Baul Samrat' Shah Abdul Karim died of old-age complications on Saturday at the age of 93. Dr Sujan Bose of Noor Jahan Poly Clinic in Sylhet city said the legendary poet and singer, with over a thousands folk songs to his name, died at 7:58am. Karim's only son Shah Noor Jalal told at 9:30pm on Friday that his father had been on life support since noon after his health worsened in the morning. Karim was admitted to the clinic on Sept 3. "He has been suffering from respiratory problems, lung infection and other old-age diseases," his doctor Faisal Ahmed said to Karim, lyricist ... (read more)


Sunday, July 16th, 2006 Artcell Quick Links Tag: [tag]Artcell[/tag] Search: artcell Music: Artcell Downloads Popular Artcell Forum Discussions: Artcell Artcell Oniket Prantor Review Artcell (or ArtCell) is a progressive metal band of Bangladesh. The band is arguably the first progressive metal band of the country and usually experiments with tunes from other metal genres such as speed and thrash metal. History and Formation The current band members were school friends in Dhaka. Ershad used to be the guitarist of a band named Tantrik back in 1999. Current vocalist, Lincoln, joined Tantrik just before the group disbanded. They were looking for a bassist and a drummer, when through friends, they met Cezanne ... (read more)
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