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Download T.O.D. (Thugz of Dhaka) – Desi Hiphop

Friday, September 10th, 2010 Download T.O.D. (Thugz of Dhaka) - Desi Hiphop Browse to: Bangla Song » Download » T » T.O.D. (Thugz of Dhaka) » Desi Hiphop Track List : 01. T.O.D ~ Thugz of Dhaka - Ajker Haari 02. T.O.D ~ Thugz of Dhaka - Party Revisited 03. T.O.D ~ Thugz of Dhaka - Rap Jibon 04. T.O.D ~ Thugz of Dhaka - Beatbox Jamming ft. ICE Q 05. T.O.D ~ Thugz of Dhaka - Gulshaner Polapain 06. T.O.D ~ Thugz of Dhaka - Only Tumi 07. T.O.D ~ Thugz of Dhaka - G-Desh 08. T.O.D ~ Thugz of Dhaka - Babar Na-mer Jor ft. Babulkaka 09. T.O.D ~ Thugz of Dhaka - ... (read more)

Blazin Annex – The Takeover

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 Blazin Annex, a hip-hop crew from NY, has released with their album 'The Takeover'. The 15-tracked album features a wide variety of hip-hop songs, ranging from popular pop songs to folk. Blazin Annex is: AashiQ, Dee Corter, Isiac, Banggully & Ah-Murda. The album has been released by Ektaar Music. Track List 01. Blazin Annex - Intro 02. Blazin Annex ft. Ah-Murda & Rated PG - Shaptahik Sylebus 03. AashiQ, Dee Corter, Isiac, Banggully - Da Takeover[Anthem] 04. Isiac, Banggully, Ah-Murda - Chupi Chupi 05. Isiac, Banggully, Ah-Murda, Rated PG - Rosher Hari 06. Dee Corter, Banggully, Ah-Murda, Isiac ft. Ria - Nisiraat 07. Dee Corter, Ah-Murda ft. Ria - ... (read more)

Mila – Fele Asha

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 New & upcoming singer Mila is releasing her debut album “Fele Asha” soon. The album contains mixture of new age pop, soft rock and hip-hop numbers with compositions by Balam, Bappa Majumder, Fuad Ibne Rabbi, Pankaj & N. Mahamud. Rapper Ali and Balam provide guest vocals in some of the tracks. (read more)
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