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Ayub Bachchu (LRB) – Ghor Chara Ek Shukhi Chele

Sunday, January 6th, 2013 Ayub Bachchu (LRB) - Ghor Chara Ek Shukhi Chele (Call Er Gaan 2011) Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/HHWvqR (read more)

Partho – Sharadin Tomay Bhebe

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 Partho Barua - Sharadin Tomay Bhebe (Live with Bappa Haider) Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/IXXqC7 (read more)

George Harrison – Bangladesh

Friday, December 21st, 2012 George Harrison - Bangladesh Share with your facebook friends: http://on.fb.me/UbVjQW (read more)

Help Downloading Bangla Songs

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 User Guide How to find a song I am looking for? How to download a song? How to share a song on Facebook? How to play a song on the site? Connection Issue Common Questions Please add/upload <this song> I can not find <this song> I can not download Still have questions? Contact Us. (read more)

Pop Guru Azam Khan Passes Away

Sunday, June 5th, 2011 The country’s Pop Guru Azam Khan has passed away Sunday morning at Combined Military Hospital (CMH) after a prolonged fight with cancer. He was 62. Khan suffered a massive cardiac arrest around 9:30am and his life support system was taken off at around 10:20am, Brig Gen Mehboobul Haque, commandant of Dhaka CMH, told The Daily Star. The freedom fighter, who was suffering from oral cancer, was admitted to Square Hospital on May 22. He was given life support later as his condition deteriorated. With his health condition being unimproved, Azam Khan was moved to Dhaka CMH June 1 night. Since then, the CMH doctors ... (read more)

Azam Khan on life support

Friday, May 27th, 2011 Pop guru and freedom fighter Azam Khan has been kept on life support at the city’s Square Hospital. The hospital authorities told The Daily Star that he was put on life support at the Intensive Care Unit on Friday as his condition seriously deteriorated. The 62-year-old pop legend was admitted to the hospital on May 22. Azam Khan who had been suffering from oral cancer went to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore last year for better treatment. (read more)

Download OST – Hridoy Vanga Dheu

Friday, April 22nd, 2011 Download OST - Hridoy Vanga Dheu Browse to: Bangla Song » Download » O » OST » Hridoy Vanga Dheu Track List: Balam – Kar Duti Chokh Balam – Jare Ja Chithi Bappa And Nancy – Chokhe Chokhe Ajj Bari Siddiqi – Duniyar Maya Chariye Monir Khan – Hridoy Vanga Dhew S. I. Tutul and Samina Chowdhury – Ekbar Bhalobashi Bolte Samina Chowdhury – Dukho Tawfik And Kona – Ki Hoye Gelo Tishma – Ajj Shukrubar (read more)

Download OST – Bailey Road

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 Download OST - Bailey Road Browse to: Bangla Song » Download » O » OST » Bailey Road Track List : 01. Bappa Mazumder & Mila - Deho Gele Ki Jay Bolo 02. S.I. Tutul & Nancy - Drishtir Brishti 03. Asif & Runa Laila - Komola Shundori 04. Kumar Bishwajeet - Koto Khawabo Toder 05. Bari Siddique - Nirobe ThakogoTumi 06. Nancy - Brishti 07. Bappa Mazumder & Mila - Deho Gele Ki Jay Bolo (2) 08. Ifat Sumi - Prem 09. Ifat Sumi - Tumi Naa Ele 10. Bailey Road - Mon Sarabela MediaFire Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/?is1vz3y51q33bro (read more)

music.com.bd mobile – Play and download bangla songs directly on your mobile phone

Friday, April 15th, 2011 With music.com.bd mobile, you can now play and download bangla songs directly on your mobile phone. Browse through our music library with the new mobile optimized interface. Point your mobile browser to http://m.music.com.bd The interface should be compatible with any basic mobile phone that can browse basic web pages like facebook mobile. However note that the on-site music player (which allows you to play a song right on our site without downloading it) requires flash support on browser. (read more)

Pohela Boishakh e facebook e priyo jon der Boishakhi Gaan r shubheccha din

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 Pohela Boishakh facebook e priyo jon der Boishakhi Gaan r shubhechaa din. Priyojon r Facebook Wall e Boishakhi Gaan r sathe din apnar nobo borser subho kamona. Apnar priyo gaan ti bondhur wall e post korte prothome amader site hote gaan ti khuje ber korun abong gaan tir "Share Link" copy korun. (Sahajjer jonno porun: [music.com.bd] How to find a song I am looking for?) abong [music.com.bd] How to share a song on Facebook?) Amader sokoler priyo 2 ti gaan r link: Feedback/Maqsood - Mela (Melay Jaire): http://www.music.com.bd/download/Music/F/Feedback/Mela/Feedback%20-%20Mela%20(music.com.bd).mp3.html Chinmoy - Esho He Boishakh Eso Eso: http://www.music.com.bd/download/Music/C/Chinmoy%20Chatterjee/Chinmoy%20-%20Esho%20He%20Boishakh%20(music.com.bd).mp3.html Apnar priyo gaan tir link copy kora hole chole jaan bondhur Facebook ... (read more)
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